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london-tourist-travel-blogArticle “Eating Less Is the Key to Staying Young” by Alister Bredee on “London Tourist Travel Guide”

““detox resorts”. They range from the good to the bad and indifferent. They all promote fasting and inner cleansing. People flock from across the globe to these establishments. Some come to embrace better health practices, but most come to lose weight. Dr. Economo runs a group of similar facilities in Hungary and Croatia; his emphasis is on the fasting component of the program. In Budapest and elsewhere nutritional experts design specific diets for his clients. They are expected to follow these eating programs when they return home after completing their one or two-week detox plan. The most popular of these divides the year into four, thirteen week blocks. Each chunk comprises one fasting week, with a near zero calorific intake, one recovery week when food is gradually introduced where consumption is limited to 5,200 kilo calories and eleven ordinary weeks. The normal weeks comprise six feeding days calculated at 2,000 calories per day. The seventh day is a fasting day with 0 calories permitted. This formula yields 72 fasting days in the year; it averages out at a usual food input of 1,500 calories per day. ”
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logo mvArticle “Fasting And Weight Loss” (how to keep the weight off after fasting) on “Moinhos Velhos” fasting retreat.

Hundreds of thousands of people set out on fresh weight loss plans daily. However, a particular characteristic shared by all of these individuals is giving up the adopted weight loss plan within one month. The reason most people give up on diets is that they were setup for failure from the beginning. If you do not commence a weight loss program in the right manner, you will fall by the wayside before you start to drop weight.

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logo_retnetArticle “Detox Anti-Aging Water Fasting program in Hungary and Croatia” on “Retreat Network”.

Detox Fasting programs on thermal spas (Hungary) or sea-coast (Croatia). This is the perfect location to escape from your daily routine. Professional guidance and gentle individual support throughout the fasting process. Massage, nutritional training and physical exercises with a focus active weight loss. Creative program of accompanying activities. The colon hydrotherapy is possible. Different accommodation options.
The basic therapeutic fasting package consists of pure days of water fast, breaking-the-fast, and re-feeding days with freshly squeezed vegetable and fruit juices along side vegetarian meals accompanied with organic elements. We also provide enjoyable nutritional training, as well as creative programs of various activities.

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downloadRepresentation our “Anti-Aging Detox Apartment Fasting Center”  on a

This apartment offers personalized Water Fasting Weight Loss Package. It consists of:
– Professional individual supervision
– medical examination, checking with cardiologist
– taking laxative or offering colon hydrotherapy (1 session)
– mineral alkaline water, freshly squeezed vegetable and fruit juices, vegetarian meals accompanied with organic elements
– a 45-minute general massage (2 sessions per week)
– physical exercises with personal trainer (2 times per week)
– educational seminar on healthy lifestyle
– visiting famous Budapest thermal spas (1 session per week)
– access to the gym (any time you wish)…..

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