In order to book with us your individual Anti-Aging Detox Program you must follow these steps:

1. Read the Terms and Conditions below
2. Make sure you have read the list of Health restrictions
3. Fill out this Questionnaire
4. Make a BOOKING PAYMENT (Booking Deposit)
5. Arrive to your Program destination (Hungary, Croatia, Cyprus, France)
6. Make a PROGRAM PAYMENT. It may be paid at any time before coming to the Program, up until the second day after your arrival, or start of the Program


Terms and Conditions:

BOOKING PAYMENT (booking deposit)
A deposit of 50%-100% of total program price (BOOKING PAYMENT) should be paid on booking. Payment of the booking deposit signifies your definite intention to proceed with your program, and enable us to guarantee your booking dates. These terms come into force at the time when “Anti-Aging Corp.” confirms the booking by e-mail. If the booking payment (deposit) is not made, “Anti-Aging Corp.” reserves the right to cancel the program at any time and is not obliged to indemnify any loss by the Guest. We strongly advise our guests to pay for the whole Program 100% in advance. This will be the best guarantee for the Guest that his Program is on top of our priorities.

The balance of the program price (PROGRAM PAYMENT) can be paid at any time after the BOOKING PAYMENT, but not later than the SECOND DAY after the date of arrival or the start of the program. If such payment is not made within this period, “Anti-Aging Corp.” reserves the right to cancel the program and is not obliged to indemnify any loss by the guest.

Program payment and Booking payment amounts are non refundable.

In case the Guest decides to cancel the Program for any reason at any time before the planned ending date of the Program (usually a departure date) Anti-Aging Corp. shall not obliged to refund the Booking and Program payments neither in full nor in part.

CANCELLATION by the “Guest”
If a guest wishes to cancel the booked program and inform us of cancellation in good time, prior to 45 days before the booked arrival date, then we will return your booking deposit (BOOKING PAYMENT). If you cancel less than 45 days before the booked arrival date, we unfortunately cannot refund your booking deposit. We cannot be responsible for the effects of factors beyond our control, including bad weather, illness, and changes in your travel plans, or travel delays.

CANCELLATION by “Anti-Aging Corp.”
“Anti-Aging Corp.” reserves the right to cancel the program in full or in part in case of unavoidable circumstances which in our judgement may make this necessary. “Anti-Aging Corp.” may cancel the program because of medical contraindications in individual cases or in case the “Guest” failed to include any serious disease he/she may be suffering from in the Questionnaire that “Guest” filled on line before arriving in the program, which may seriously interfere with the anti-aging program. In all such circumstances “Anti-Aging Corp.” shall not be under an obligation to refund the Booking and Program payments. However, a partial refund may be made at Anti-Aging Corp.’s sole discretion. “Anti-Aging Corp.” shall not be obliged to indemnify against any losses suffered by the guest.

Disclaimer Attention!
Please be advised that we are not a medical clinic by definition. Our clients are staying in comfortable hotel rooms or apartments, but this is not a clinic. It has to be absolutely clear that we do not admit to the Program those Applicants, who have serious health issues and who need 24/7 close medical attention and emergency assistance upon need-on basis. We are a group of medical practitioners (general medical doctor, dietitian, nutritionist, anti-aging experts and masseurs) and we work in close cooperation with number of  modern diagnostic centers and private medical specialists.

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