8-Steps of Fasting Program

eghtstepsRegular fasting is the most important component of the Anti-Aging Plan. Fasting and Caloric Restriction will prevent the development of age-related diseases (scientific evidence) and extend your lifespan dramatically – by up to 30-35 years (scientific evidence).

Our anti-aging detox program will give you weight-loss, life extension and can cure many chronic diseases.

Out of four life-extending activities, presented in “Anti-Aging Plan” page, logically to start using the most powerful anti-aging activity – this is what we have considered in practice – the method of caloric restriction by doing periodical fasting (Anti-Aging Cycling Fasting method). This method, even when used alone, can add from 10 up to 40 healthy years to your average life span The exact extension in years depends on your age when you start this method.

8 steps of your Program:

Step 1. Planning

Your customized fasting plan: we develop an individual fasting and cleansing program for you, taking into account any chronic diseases, age and previous experience of fasting. Several options are available: 3 – 14 fasting days, low-calorie vegetarian programs and others.


Step 2. Travel

The guest is met at the airport and taken to the accommodation (hotel, villa or apartment – depending on the budget). Then, the guest will proceed to introductory orientation and sightseeing with the aid of our assistant.


Step 3. Initial checkup

Initial medical checkup (weighing, checking electrocardiogram, lab tests (if needed). Discussion and approval of the individual program.


Step 4. Starting the fasting program

Start of fasting anti-aging program. Close health-monitoring, including daily check-ups by a qualified health practitioner. Local assistant provides practical advice and psychological support.


Step 5. Activities during fasting

Every day visiting fitness doing aerobic, anaerobic and stretching exercises.
Colon-hydrotherapy: 1-2 sessions, if approved by doctor.
Hot water therapy: visiting thermal springs (in Hungary), sauna (steam and dry), jacuzzi etc.
Sightseeing, excursions, boat trips, walking, jogging (12km coastal footpath in Croatia).
Massage (2 sessions per week). Acupuncture, ayurvedic or energetic massages (if specially ordered).


Step 6. Re-feeding

Breaking of fast. Step by step re-feeding. Educational program on fasting and everyday nutrition for anti-aging.


Step 7. Checkup

Final medical checkup, weighing and discussion of post-program anti-aging plan. Departure. Guest is transferred back to the airport.


Step 8. Post program supervision

Post-program supervision and consultation (usually by e-mail or telephone) to achieve healthy lifestyle and avoid undesired weight re-gaining. Planning of your next fasting trip.
Usually we offer 1, 2 and 3 weeks Programs, but you can choose any length of the Program from minimum of 5 days to a maximum of 2 months. After completing the Program most of your chronic diseases will go, you will lose 5 – 15 kg, and most important your body will be re-programmed for the new anti-aging style of spending energy.

Prices for the Program vary and are really affordable to everyone, even to those with a very modest budget.

Are you ready to prepare for your anti-aging program session right now? If YES then please fill in on line our special questionnaire.

To see sample program in details please click the image below.

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