PricesWe have a wide choice of accommodation, from low cost budget apartments to 5 stars hotels. You will be accommodated in a comfortable apartment or hotel, whichever you prefer. All apartments and hotels are located near the Spa center. There are spaces where you can walk or jog nearby .Enjoy four of the most charming and comfortable locations in Europe: Hungary (Budapest), Croatia (Makarska), Cyprus (Limassol) and France (Cannes).

To get an exact price for your stay on the Program please complete our special on-line questionnaire (booking form) and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Prices may vary based on accommodation type, number of people sharing, season (low/ mid / peak), length of stay, type and number of services, etc. Under normal circumstances we do not provide group counseling or group treatments in our anti-aging programs. Since we work with individual clients, we are flexible and easily adapt to your timetable or schedule and can start a program on any date convenient to you. In some cases however (e.g. family members or friends arrive for the program), we may admit couples or max. 4 people onto a program simultaneously.

The Anti-Aging Fasting Plan will clean your body, refresh your mind and rejuvenate your soul. In addition, you can easily lose that hard to shift weight and we show you how to maintain that reduction. Therapeutic fasting changes our eating habits and makes for healthier dietary choices.

Prices include cost of accommodation in comfortable apartments or 3-4 star hotels, plus the cost of the water-fasting, caloric restriction program and the gradual reintroduction of food during fast-breaking. Below are approximate prices for 1, 2, 3 and 4 weeks program, but you can choose any length of time from the minimum of 5 days to 2 months?

Prices in Euro (EUR)

Prices in Euro (EUR)




in Hungary

1 week:   1900
2 weeks: 2500
3 weeks: 3200
4 weeks: 4200

1 week:   3600
2 weeks: 4900
3 weeks: 5500
4 weeks: 6300

in Croatia

1 week:   1900
2 weeks: 2900
3 weeks: 3900
4 weeks: 4900

1 week:   2400
2 weeks: 3700
3 weeks: 5000
4 weeks: 6200

in Cyprus

1 week:   1500
2 weeks: 2500
3 weeks: 3500
4 weeks: 4500

1 week:   1900
2 weeks: 3600
3 weeks: 4700
4 weeks: 5900

in France

1 week:   2700
2 weeks: 4900
3 weeks: 6800
4 weeks: 8300

1 week:     3500
2 weeks:   6900
3 weeks:   8700
4 weeks: 11000


DISCOUNTS under the BUDGET PROGRAM for TWO people:

We offer a 10% discount if 2-4 people enroll to the program together but choose not to share accommodation.
We offer a 20% discount if 2-4 people enroll to the program and live in shared accommodation (max. 2 people in one room).
The price includes cost of the water fasting, caloric restriction program with re-feeding, as well as accommodation in a 4-star hotel near the sea. In addition to services included in the Budget package, the Standard package also includes unlimited access to spa treatments and the fitness centers located in the hotels.


We offer a 5% discount if 2-4 people enroll for the program together but choose not to share accommodation.
We offer a 10% discount if 2-4 people enroll in the program and live in shared accommodation (max. 2 people in one room).
For all packages, additional treatments are available at an additional cost:


Lab tests (cholesterol, glucose etc.)
Ultrasound scan Bone densitometry (DEXA)
CT scanning FibroScan test of liver
Ergometry with stress spirometry Blood pressure monitor for 24 hours

Beauty treatments:

Foot massage
Hot towel back massage Head and Face massage
Wine cream massage
Shiatsu massage
Anti-Cellulite treatment
Wellness Mud Pack
Salt Cave
Body scrub with salt and fruit brandy
Underwater Jet Massage
Manual Lymph Drainage
Magnetic Therapy and many others as desired.

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